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Shigeru Group Mission
しげるグループ ミッション

Creating spaces that bring enjoyment and pleasure
through manufacturing

Since its foundation in 1957, Shigeru has manufactured parts for automobiles and industrial machinery.
Beyond this, we have created values and technologies to meet customer needs, and manufactured and delivered products.
At Shigeru, we value the process of sharing knowledge and feelings among colleagues and growing together through manufacturing.
Our mission is not only to deliver parts to customers, but to provide spaces where we can share enjoyment and pleasure with everyone related to us.

Shigeru Group Philosophy
しげるグループ フィロソフィ

We wanted to make a guideline that can facilitate employees’ decision and action in their daily work.
That is why we made the “Shigeru Group Philosophy” from three perspectives: the past, present, and future.
We incorporated three elements into the philosophy: what we have learned from our history since its foundation, what we still value in the learning, and what we need for the future. All employees grow through their work by practicing this philosophy.
We all share the common awareness, values, and thoughts.
We believe the shared awareness, values, and thoughts among all employees become key drivers for company growth.

「あなたと共に」を創造する Create width you

Each one of employees

Has a humble attitude and values integrity.
Learns spontaneously and keeps improving oneself.
Never stops challenging oneself to seek new values.
Aims for companies loved by all and moves forward together with the community.
Acts at the speed to prevail at all times.
Participates in environmental preservation for a bright future of the next generation.


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