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Aiming to be a company that faces the essence of sustainability and responds to the changes the world and the industry demand

The automotive industry is experiencing a once-in-a-century transformation. Also required to be sustainable, we feel the need to change ourselves to meet the needs of the new era. Through repeated discussions among management and employees, we changed the company mission statements for the first time since Shigeru started its business. We added “Creating spaces that bring joy and happiness through manufacturing” as our new mission.

For more than 60 years, Shigeru has manufactured mainly automotive interior parts, and pursued user comfort as an added value, that is, "creating a space where people feel comfortable". We continue to broaden our vision to include various spaces to share joy and happiness with everyone, through manufacturing. We are committed to evolving and deepening our business to provide new values.

Sustainable manufacturing at high levels to enrich both people and the earth, through partnership

To create a sustainable future, we aim to achieve both "richness for people" and "richness for the earth.”
To promote recycling of resources and the use of renewable energy, including initiatives for carbon neutrality, we need thorough pursuit of product safety, durability, appearance, and usability as perceived by users.

One example is foaming injection. Our advanced foaming injection technology has brought the industry-best expansion ratio and beautiful product appearance. The effects further include weight reduction, improved rigidity, and reduced energy use and exhaust gas emissions during transportation. Pursuing the functionality and beauty of products, we have contributed to the environment and economic rationality, which has also brought friendliness to human body. We have achieved this not by the efforts of one person or one company, but through partnership. Working together toward high goals, we can make a great leap. We will continue to be proactive in solving problems and creating new values through partnership, because we feel the strength of that power.

Well-being of the "people" involved is the basis for everything.

We believe well-being of the "people" involved in manufacturing is the basis for everything. It is “people” that create products, refine technology and quality, and use them. To create spaces where people feel joy and happiness, we think it essential to change the way we think and act based on well-being.
Recently, we have started B2C (Business to Consumer) that includes vehicle interior customization (CUSTOM LINE) and outdoor product sales (SG BASE). We hope, through these experiences in new fields, employees who will lead the company hone their ideas and improve their ability to make proposals, and create new products. Working joyfully and happily, we expect that each one of our employees and the company will grow together. We develop employees who can take on challenges with a close look at the essence of and contribute to sustainable manufacturing in the automotive industry, which is undergoing a major transformation.

More flexible, proactive and creative, we walk into the future with you.

The world situation, needs, and technology will continue to change. To respond to these changes more flexibly, proactively, and creatively, we have added a new mission to our company statements, reviewed company philosophy, and set sustainable visions. Our mission is to develop creative employees, grow to be a creative company, and create spaces where we can share joy and happiness. We are part of a large industrial structure. That is why it is meaningful that we change. With this thought in mind, we will move forward with integrity together with you.