Health and Productivity Management


Health and Productivity Management

President's message

Since 1960, Shigeru has continued to deepen and explore its manufacturing capabilities. Currently, we are also developing technologies looking towards the future. To continuously provide values the market demands, we believe that the viewpoint of well-being is essential.

We will actively work on Health and Productivity Management (H&PM) to bring well-being to everyone connected with us.

We will also contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through H&PM.

We will create a workplace where each one of our employees can be motivated and work energetically.

Atsuo Shoda

Health-conscious Management Declaration

We will promote health and prevent illness of each employee, and create a workplace where all employees can work safely and securely.

At the Shigeru Group, we set the group mission: “Create spaces that bring joy and happiness through manufacturing,” and the sustainable vision: “Be a company that recycles resources, uses renewable energy, and ensures that everyone can experience well-being.”

To fulfill this mission and vision, we hereby declare that we comply with Industrial Safety and Health Act and promote H&PM initiatives.

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