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For the future of people and the earth, we create spaces that bring joy and happiness through creative manufacturing.
Manufacturing products in a wide range of fields adapting to the changing times

Since its foundation in 1960, Shigeru has been manufacturing automotive interior parts.
Today, we have expanded beyond interior parts to exterior and industrial machinery parts, and we are committed to technological development looking towards the future.
With a wide range of technologies developed in more than 60 years of our steady progress and partnerships with stakeholders, we will continue to deepen and explore our manufacturing.

Creating "spaces" rather than making parts

We aim for sustainable manufacturing at high levels, through technology development, weight reduction, design, and environmental friendliness that suit next generation vehicles. To this end, we have widened our perspective to encompass all spaces where people live, not limited to the inside of vehicle. Entering new business fields such as vehicle interior customization (CUSTOM LINE) and outdoor product sales (SG BASE), we hone our ideas and improve abilities to make proposals, and pursue "user comfort" more than ever. To enrich the future of people and the earth, we value creative manufacturing.

President Atsuo Shoda
Delivering new values through the application of digital technology with a focus on well-being

As market trends are changing dramatically and automobile development cycles are shortened, innovation in our business is essential. Using digital technology, we are working on total optimization of our business and are building a system that allows the organization as a whole to demonstrate the best performance. We focus on not only optimization but also better work environment. We believe this approach brings well-being to everyone involved. The growth of employees and solid relationship with stakeholders are the keys to company growth. We are determined to be a company that takes on new ideas and challenges and continues to provide new values.