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Our Digital Ambition

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Digital Transformation (DX)
Our Digital Ambition


In this rapidly changing business environment, we use data and digital technology and transform our products, services, business models and processes, and corporate culture, based on the needs of customers and society, for sustainable business growth.

1.SHIGERU DX strategies

Introduce next generation Smart Manufacturing

In production management, we collect data on production operation and product logistics from IoT platform. We then use BI tool to visualize and analyze the data. This data-driven approach supports decision-making and helps realize an agile and flexible production system to respond to changing environment. And we manufacture diverse products flexibly to meet customer needs.
Also, we integrate various data related to production, such as sales, procurement, and production engineering data, and optimize overall business processes and maximize value creation.

Reform design and development work

In designing mainly interior and exterior parts of automobiles including next-generation vehicles, we use design management process reform support tool (PLM), AI tool, BI tool, and digital twin technology. In the systems, we accumulate past design data and experience. These advanced technologies make work process more efficient, prevent rework, shorten the time from product concept planning to development completion, and improve design quality.

Support indirect department productivity

We introduce RPA and workflow automation and AI and BI tools to support decision making process, for higher productivity in indirect departments.

Develop digital workplace and digital literacy skills

We create an efficient, flexible, and creative work environment by improving digital infrastructure, and support the execution of various measures. We provide digital literacy education to all employees and advanced digital skills training to specialists so that they can deliver values to customers and our company.

(to be achieved by the end of FY2025)

・ Introduce next generation Smart Manufacturing
         Manufacturing management efficiency

10% improvement
・ Reform design and development work
         New product development period

15% reduction
・ Support indirect department productivity
         Indirect department productivity
         Work process digitalization

10% improvement (in total man-hours)
・ Develop digital workplace and digital literacy skills
         DX budget
         Digital skills training

Increase from 16% to 40% (for new strategies)
Increase specialists from 3 to 50 (for data analysis)

*The target figures may be changed.

3.Digital ambition structure

Digital Transformation
・ Support for design management process reform (Advanced PLM)
Increase specialists from 3 to 50 (for data analysis)
・Smart Factory (Agile and flexible production system)
Increase specialists from 3 to 50 (for data analysis)
・Support for data-driven decision making
New Ways of Working
(Work style transformation)
・AI/BI tools
・RPA/workflow automation
・Digital twin
Digital Workplace
(Digital infrastructure update)
・IoT platform (Production facility information, logistics information)
・Integrated data platform *ERP is included.
・Collaboration platform *E-mail, web meeting, and chat
・Cybersecurity measures
・DX literacy education


Board Meeting
DX Promotion Committee
Chairperson General Manager of Development Division (Director)
Committee members General Manager of Production Division (Director)
General Manager of Production Engineering Division (Officer)
Manager of Administration (Officer)
Manager of Sales (Officer)
Manager of Business Administration
Manager of IT
PMO IT Management Department
DX skills training program
  • ・Data analysis workshop
  • ・Digital literacy education

5.Mid to long-term plan