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With its advanced resin processing technologies, Shigeru meets the market needs for manufacturing automobile interior parts and other wide variety of products.

Leveraging the advanced resin processing technologies developed through our long experience, we have manufactured a wide variety of products, including automobile interior and exterior parts, seats for industrial machinery. At SHIGERU, we have an integrated production system that covers all phases from development to manufacturing and module assembly, and this system sustains the manufacturing of various products. We have established the production environment that offers high-quality and reliable products. With this system, we meet the market needs by working together with our customers.

Automobile business

In our business, we not only supply parts but we catch various market demands, such as comfortable vehicle interior space and high-quality painting.

  • ●Automobile interior parts
  • ●Automobile exterior parts

Industrial machinery seat business

Shigeru also pursues comfort for industrial machine operators. We have been recognized for the technologies, and we are expanding our market share.

  • ●Construction machinery seat
  • ●Agricultural machinery seat
  • ●Transportation machinery seat

■Automobile business

As a manufacturer specializing in automobile interior and exterior parts, jointly with our customers who manufacture complete vehicles, we pursue products loved by end users. We design interior parts to create comfortable living space, focusing on end users’ touch feel on the parts, and watching the market trend. For exterior parts, we achieve the shape design and paint quality that meet customer demand at high levels. We have played an important role in creating the exterior image of automobiles.

Automobile interior parts

Shigeru manufactures main components of automobile interiors, such as instrument panels, console boxes, sunvisors, door trims, and rear aprons. We contribute to creating pleasant living space by providing a package of interior parts.

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Automobile exterior parts

Taking advantage of its core resin molding technologies, Shigeru manufactures various resin exterior parts, such as front grills, bumpers, and cowl panels in the integrated production system. We pursue paint quality sought for exterior parts, and meet diverse needs for appearance image creation.

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■Industrial machinery seat business

Our production system is flexible enough to manufacture various types of seats in small quantities for industrial machines, including construction machines, agricultural machines, and transportation machines. Taking advantage of our product competitiveness established in the automobile part manufacturing, we have business with over twenty domestic industrial machinery manufacturers. We are proud to achieve the top share in the industrial machinery seat market in Japan. As the demand for made-in-Japan industrial machinery increases in the global market, Shigeru aims to expand its product lines by improving the ride comfort of machine operators.

Industrial machinery seat

Shigeru manufactures seats for industrial vehicles, such as shovels, tractors, and fork-lift trucks. We supply our seats to over twenty leading domestic industrial machinery manufacturers. We have achieved the top-class share in the industrial machinery seat market in Japan.

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