Quality assurance


Quality assurance

Shigeru has given top priority to quality and established a company-wide quality assurance system.

At SHIGERU, we have our quality policy, “Provide products and services friendly to both people and the environment, and that satisfy our customers”. With this policy in mind, we have implemented a corporate quality assurance system, in line with a quality management system. To refine product quality, we examine production processes from the development and design phases. In our integrated production system, we meet demanding requirements from the automobile industry, and help our customers manufacture reliable and trustworthy vehicles.

Shigeru refines product quality from the development phase, and enforces quality control at production lines.

At SHIGERU, the Quality Assurance Department plays the central role in promoting our quality management system to achieve the product quality that our customers demand. Leveraging the integrated production system, we have established a company-wide quality assurance system. We thoroughly control product quality by training “employees” engaged in production, as well as by refining mass production quality from product development and design phases. We are also responsible for prompt market research when a trouble happens after shipment. In this way, we fulfill our responsibilities as a partner for automakers.

Airbag deployment test
Shigeru develops product quality that enhances safety and comfort by using its advanced test laboratories.

We also invest in test equipment and laboratories to improve product quality. We have introduced advanced test equipment, including a car crash simulator and vibration testing machines. To improve product quality and performance, we share with our customers the analysis and evaluation data we obtain from trial production and testing. At SHIGERU, we also have other equipment and laboratories for various tests, including headrest strength test, airbag deployment test, and reverberation test. In this way, we help develop quality that enhances safety and comfort of drivers and passengers.

Low temperature high temperature constant humidity chamber with infrared lamps

Shigeru has promoted TPM activities where each at production sites supports quality assurance and quality control.

Shigeru is promoting TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) activities across the company, aiming for three zeros: zero accident, zero defect, and zero machine failure. When we find a problem in our equipment or systems in daily production, we solve it by ourselves and take bottom-up approaches to achieve safe, high-quality, and smooth production. We think the manufacturing work itself is equal to TPM. We strive to raise awareness of each employee for better quality. And by doing so, we promote human resource development and system improvement to support quality assurance and quality control.

Acquired IATF 16949 certification, an international standard for the automotive industry